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YRE Competition

Picture 1: In 50 years' time...
The peace and tranquillity of the sea shore is marred by the work of man. Although it's a difficult task, given enough time nature will find a way to reverse the damage done.

Picture 2: A stitch in time...
Sometimes all that is needed is a small action at the right time. With a little effort from each of us we could make our island a cleaner place for everyone.

Picture 3: Good initiatives need maintenance too.
In our country maybe more than others water is an invaluable resource and more needs to be done to encourage people to collect water in the most effective way possible. So why do we shoot ourselves in the foot by not maintaining the drainage system already in place? Apart from being an eyesore it defeats the whole purpose of the system.

Picture 4: Home does not end at the front door
We pride ourselves in having organised homes and pleasant surroundings. Why does this not include public places which are ours as much as our own private homes? Our home is not defined by the boundaries of our house.

Picture 5: Saving Tomorrow
Sometimes it seems a daunting effort to keep our countryside pristine as shown in this photo. But if everyone reaches out and does his/her effort we can all enjoy a view not littered by man-made materials which will outlast us all.




01/02/2019 - View Event

School Band & Choir performing at Multicultural Celebration with Ms Isabel Said...


29/01/2019 - View Event

School Band performing at the my journey fair at The Phoenicia Hotel Valletta....


29/01/2019 - View Event

Recording songs for multicultural activity which is going to be held Friday 1 February 2019....


19/12/2018 - View Event

Year 11 Outdoor Activities....

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